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The Mod Journal ([personal profile] spaceshipit) wrote2015-06-03 10:40 pm

Player Invites

Hello! Are you inviting someone into the game? Here are some quick things to remember:

  • Currently, we only allow you to invite one new player each month.
  • A new player's app will not be accepted until we get a comment on this post from whoever invited them.
  • A new players invitation is only good for the month its posted. If they are late, or for some reason don't get their app in until the next month, they will need to be re-invited for that month.

    Please comment with a filled-out version of the form below. All comments are screened.


    Your name: Stick
    Who are you inviting?: Red!
    How can we contact them? Redpyre @ plurk
    What month is this for? June