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  • Please copy + paste the majority of your app into a comment(s) on this post. Do not link to applications posted on separate journals, museboxes, etc. This makes it much, much easier for us to check app length and double-check our work.
  • For the sanity of our app readers, we will not be accepting any applications that are over 5000 words long in total.
  • Do not use NSFW icons or images when submitting your app! Some of the mods check or reference these apps while at work, and we'd like to avoid accidentally getting them into trouble.

THE CURRENT CASTS ARE AT/NEAR CAP (No applications will be accepted for casts at cap):
  • Tales of Zestiria/Berseria (10/12 - NEAR CAP)


To apply, comment to this post using the form below. All applications will be screened.

Contact: Please include a way to get in contact with you--an email address, a plurk handle, a journal that players could message, an AIM handle, or your handle on some other messaging system.
Reference: You only have to fill this out if you are new to the game. Who referred you? It must be a current player.
Other characters: You only have to fill this out if you are a current player. What other character(s) do you play in the Drift Fleet?

Character name:
Character journal: Does not need to be "finished", we just need an account name for filling out the taken characters page.
Series name: May put "N/A" if they are an original character.
Canon notes: Here is where you would note what point in canon they're from, if they're an AU, if they've got any previous game/personal storyline canon, and if there will be any changes to memory (see below). "N/A" is fine for OCs without any particular canon modifications.

Species: Human? Vampire? Godlike entity? Please let us know what kind of being your character is.

History: Provide a summary of this character's past experiences, including any important points from AUs, PGs, or PSLs. Minimum 10 sentences, but you are welcome to write as much as you want. Can be in bullet-point format if desired. You can also link to a wiki for this one, as long as the wiki description still meets length requirements.

Personality: Give us a description of how this character acts, thinks, and feels. Minimum 3 paragraphs with 5 sentences each, or 5 bullet points with 3 sentences each. Again, we welcome you to write more, and give us a good idea of the character's main personality points.

Abilities: Please briefly note your character's abilities, especially those that you plan to cap or dampen with the augmentation. This may include powers, magic, or unique/way-above-average skills. Can also be in bullet-point format.

Augment Skillset: Which augment will be given to your character? Choose from the list in this post.

Sample: Please provide at least one of the following:
  • A 150 word third-person writing sample where this character does stuff in the setting of the game.
  • A 75 word first-person writing sample as if they were sending a broadcast in-game.
  • A link to a journal/broadcast/actionspam thread from another game or musebox (dear_player is ok!) at least 20 comments long.
  • A link to a prose thread or log from another game or musebox (dear_player is still ok!) at least 10 comments long.

Thread comment counts include both you and the other player.


Currently, the Drift Fleet is an invite-only game. Each current player may invite one new player each month to join!

If you are a current player:
  • Be sure you have successfully passed one actual AC check.
    → Submitting AC during your freebie-first-month does not qualify you for an invite a month early.
  • Go to the Player Invite page.
  • Fill out the short form there (be ready to include the invitee's name, some way to contact them, and the month during which they'll be applying).
  • When we get an app from a new player, we'll check to see if there's a matching invitation comment.
  • If there is, the application process will continue as normal!

If you're a new player looking to join:
  • You must get your invite from someone (preferably a friend!) already in the game.
  • Coordinate with them so that they post the correct information on the Player Invite page.
  • You can app any time during the month specified by your inviting player. Your invite is only valid for that month. If you want to app into the game on a different month, a new invite will be required.
  • Submit your app. If we find a matching invitation comment, the application process will continue as normal!

What if the person I invite decides not to app after all?
Sometimes it happens! Simply edit your invitation comment to say that you'd like to take it back or use it on another player. As long as you've only got one active invitation going a month, it'll be fine.

Can I submit my app before I've been invited?
Technically, yes. If we receive an app but find no invitation comment, we'll put the app on hold until either an invite comment is posted, or the current month ends.

How long do I have to wait before I, too, can start inviting new players to the game?
All players need to pass through at least one activity check (not counting your first "free AC" month) before they can invite new people into the game.

If I drop from the game completely, will I need an invite to get back in?
We allow everyone a three-month grace period after dropping, within which they can re-join the game without an invitation. Just mention somewhere on your app that you've been here before, to keep things simple! After three months, you will need to be invited back into the game by a current player.


How many characters can I have at once?
Currently, you may play up to four characters at once.

How quickly can I apply for another character?
You may only have one pending app going at a time. Once your application is approved, you must wait until that character has passed one round of AC before you may apply for another one. If you don't want to wait through your whole "free AC" period and one round of normal game AC, you may voluntarily submit full AC during your "free AC" month to shorten the wait time. Please message the mod journal or notify our AC checker, Yuff, when you do this! Once you're cleared (typically around the 1st of the new month), you will be allowed to app your next character.

This rule does not come into play when a player wants to drop a character and app a different one in their place; it only applies when a player wants to add onto their existing roster.

What kinds of characters are we allowed to app here?
Canon characters, AUs, and OCs are all allowed. Previous game memories and personal storyline histories are also allowed. If you want to play a genderswapped AU Star Wars character that's been through two games and a musebox plot, that's perfectly fine.

Because alternate realities are totally a thing when you're messing with space and time, multiple versions of the same character will be allowed into the Drift Fleet, as long as there are significant differences between them. For example, one person could app Batman from the Animated Series, and another could app Batman from the Christopher Nolan movies. There is enough of a difference in the character and tone of both canons to tell them apart. If a third person wanted to app a Batman AU where his parents never died, or a Batman that had been significantly changed by the events of a previous game, that would also be acceptable.

The only characters not accepted into the game at this time are canon-OCs that have relationships with the canon's existing cast. OCs that are created completely independent of the canon's characters are acceptable.

Is there a waiting period with brand-new canons?
Yes, we currently ask that players wait until a newly-released canon has been around for two months before apping from it. This includes recent movies, books, video games, comic series, podcasts, webcomics, and so on. We also include the the pilot (or first) episode of television shows in this rule.

For example, if you want to app from a movie that came out March 30th, you will need to wait until May to app from it. If you want to app from the second season of a show who's first episode premiered a year ago, you're in the clear.

This wait period is there to cut down on impulse-apps, reduce the chance of other players getting spoiled for new canons, and to give our app-readers a chance to become familiar with these canons before we start judging characters from them.

Can we alter character memories?
We want your characters to be as easy and fun to play as possible. If you want to alter your character's memories a little to make them easier to play in the Drift Fleet's setting, you may do so.

For example, you may wish to lessen a character's memories of a traumatic time they had in a previous game to make them a little happier and more trusting during their time in the Fleet. You could have a villain forget their master's grand plan for destruction to help keep them from doggedly trying to get back home every second of every hour. We advise against erasing memories that would cause dramatic changes in the way that they act, but subtle alterations for ease of play are perfectly acceptable.

What about powers?
We allow characters to keep all of their powers, if you want. However, especially destructive powers or abilities that could tamper with the fleet as a whole (such as mass-technomancy, the ability to alter space and time, etc.) will be tweaked by the character's augment so that they don't break the game or immediately blow all of their crew mates out into the vacuum of space.

Players may choose whether the augment dampens the ability down to a less-harmful level, or blocks the ability entirely. There is also the option to have the augment cut off your player's ability only then it is directed towards the mothership or the fleet (and optionally, the crew). Characters will have IC chances to purchase or earn temporary lifts on their augment blocks, and it's also entirely possible that those blocks could be lifted more and more as the Atroma deem characters as "trustworthy" enough to not blow up their ships.

It's ultimately up to the players to decide which powers or abilities they would like to block, and to what degree said powers are being controlled... But if you would like advice or aren't sure, feel free to ask about it in the "abilities" section of your app!

What items come with them?
Characters will appear with only what was with them at the time they were brought into the game. They do not get to keep any of their weapons, or any other item that could be considered "dangerous". Pets, companions, automobiles, complex tools, giant robots, sonic screwdrivers, and all other utilities are all going to be taken from characters before their waking up on the mothership. They might find that their stuff is mysterious available in shops later on, but they don't get to start with them.

Exceptions can be made for characters that absolutely need something to survive, like built-in cybertech, life-force crystals, or a reactor that keeps shrapnel from cutting into their important organs. Items like this may be similarly "capped" so that they can't be used as weapons or tools within the fleet.

Non-dangerous items can be kept on the character, such as clothes, wallets, their cell phones (assuming they aren't packed with advanced tech or hacking mechanics--also there's not much cell reception in space), jewelry, snacks that might have been in their pockets, money from their own worlds, etc.

What about previous-game powers and items?
As long as it fits into the rules above, characters can arrive with one power or item from every game, PSL, etc. that they've been through.

Is there anything we can't play?
While we want to allow players and characters to explore dark or mature themes in the game, there is a limit. We don't want characters under the age of 15 to be involved with drugs or sex acts while in this game. Having these things present in a character's backstory is fine, but having it happen during their stay in the fleet will not be allowed.

There may be grey areas, special cases, and strange technicalities when it comes to the ages and appearances of some characters--and these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Please handle this respectfully, as it's an extremely sensitive topic for many of our players.

How long will it take for someone to approve my app?
Our hope is to have everyone approved within five days of applying to the game. If it has been longer than that, feel free to message the mod journal ([personal profile] spaceshipit) and ask about your app. This section may be subject to changes as we get more players or develop a reliable schedule, but dramatic changes will be announced in the OOC comm.

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EXAMPLE APP (unscreened on purpose!)

[personal profile] exoskeleton 2014-09-28 02:40 am (UTC)(link)
Name/Handle: Stick
Contact: OR stick@plurk
Reference: Red/Redpyre!

Character name: Dr. Doctor Berthstien.
Series name: Based very loosely on this race I created in Spore once. So N/A, really.
Canon notes: N/A


The Krillium are a race of very intelligent, three-foot-tall shrimp-people. They have an almost laughably non-violent culture, and they place a great deal of importance in the acquisition of knowledge. Mr. and Mrs. Berthstien had high hopes for their 43rd son, Doctor (named such because of an unfortunate culture-wide misunderstanding of human naming conventions), who was born between the starsigns of science and culture. Unfortunately, even at a young age, his interests seemed strangely misguided. Most young Krillium were well through academy by the time their exoskeletons solidified, but Doctor was scraping by, far more interested in roundabout experiments and overly complex studies that didn't really lend themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. He just seemed to like blowing things up and finding really, really silly ways to fry an egg.

However, he was not given very long to prove himself to his people... Another fleet of huge, violent, beaked creatures known as the Flaminkos descended upon the planet as part of their ongoing galactic conquest. The Krillium, who knew nothing about self-defense, were easy pickings for the bird-race. Doctor was one of the few Krillium to escape the planet's untimely demise--he and several dozen other survivors scuttled in their ships to a new, very primitive planet, where they hoped to slowly rebuild their civilization and re-gather all of the knowledge they had lost to the Flamikos.

- He may seem very strange to people at first, because of his alien culture and his bizarrely misguided understanding of human social norms.
- Once you get past the pedipalps, he is a nice person who would not wish harm on anyone!
- He is extremely curious about things he's never seen before, and gets very excited when it comes to meeting new people.
- He also has an extreme thirst for science; he wants desperately to prove to what's left of his race that his pursuits are actually very, very helpful in learning! He just sees it a lot differently than most...
- He gets kind of offended when people don't accept him on account of him looking like a three-foot tall shrimp. While he is nice most of the time, he will get annoyed if he is looked down upon (figuratively).
- He harbors a deep dark secret--he's not actually a doctor, his school burned down before he could get his PhD. As such, he gets extremely nervous when people question whether or not he is actually qualified to any doctor-like things.

Abilities: He can determine the chemical components of pretty much anything by feeling it with his pedipalps. He is also capable of making a small sonic shockwave if he knocks his pincers together, but doing so is considered incredibly rude by Krillium standards. This will be partly blocked to keep him from accidentally ripping a hole through the ship.
Augment Skillset: Lab support. For science!


[hello, network! this feed appears to be video, though all that's shown is a slightly shadowy blob of grey. A strange burbling sound can be heard through the speakers before the figure pulls back--revealing that there was a large mantis-shrimp with his round, bobbly eye in the camera.]

Oh, oh goodness! Is this thing working...? I wasn't so sure with the way the insides have been cross-wired and there's so much green... [he burbles again, uncertain.] Can everyone hear me? I do believe I have been swept up into something most... [burbleburble...] Unusual...
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