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Ships & Crews

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The passengers of the Drift Fleet quickly become familiar with each Friday marking when their crews might be in for a bit of a change! Every week on this day, new passengers are randomly beamed to their first crews, the paperwork for all crew transfers is processed (unless there is a delay), and some passengers are removed from the Drift Fleet. All passengers should at least attempt to keep track of the weekly Shuffle, so they will know who is leaving and joining their crew that week.


Along with the crew-manned ships, there is another ship that flies alongside the fleet called the SS Iskaulit. This ship has no permanent crew, but houses passenger-made establishments for anyone to visit.



You may notice that at the bottom of the Ship Status spreadsheet, there are tabs for each individual ship in the fleet. At the bottom of those pages is a space for players to add in special additions to their ships that they want their whole crew to know about. As of now, mods are the only ones who can edit the spreadsheet, so if you want to contribute, please look in the "paperwork" section below for the appropriate form. Respond with it filled out in the comments, and it will be added to your ship around the next Shuffle!

Some examples of notable changes include: a Personnel office that's been changed into a public library, an ostrich-bobble-head-based alarm system, one bunk room that has a working lift for easy access, a copious amount of plants all over the ship, one shuttle that's been painted bright pink for some reason, etc.

Permanent changes are changes to a ship that would not disappear should a character be dropped - paint jobs, new furniture, rearranging/repurposing of things, an overabundance of cheap plastic kazoos that have accumulated in the air vents... etc. These changes will last until further notice, or until someone else paints over your handiwork or throws all of those kazoos out the airlock.

Character-dependent changes are changes that are directly tied to a character. If your character uses their own magic to put up and maintain a shield around your ship, or if he's a magical cook and can make even the Atroma-given food taste gourmet, or if her presence makes all the lightbulbs within a 20ft radius of her emit green light, this is the kind of change you would specify. You may also use this option for any would-be permanent changes you do want to vanish should your character be dropped: for example, if your character collected a lot of plants during their time in the fleet, and you don't want them to stick around if your character is dropped, go ahead and specify this.


To transfer to a different crew, or to transfer to an unoccupied ship (making them the automatic captain), characters must fill out a little paperwork, and the request will undergo a small wait. It's all that red tape, you know.

The passenger makes the request from any network station, and the request is processed during the next Drift Fleet Shuffle! No other captain or crew approval needed! However, if the ship they request to transfer to has no room for them, the request will fail. They will have to wait until a slot is open for them, or until the ship in question is upgraded to allow a larger crew capacity. All crew transfer requests are processed in the order they are received.

It's entirely possible for Atroma to move a passenger against their will, or reject their transfer request for mysterious reasons. This is so that players can transfer their characters without the character's IC consent... Or keep their characters from trying to transfer off a ship that they like.

Both players and characters can also opt for the "Atroma Roulette" option! If you want to change things up, add drama to everyone's ship lives, or boost your ratings for unpredictability, put "Atroma Roulette" in the "ship your character wants to transfer to" section of the form.


The position of "Captain" is usually decided IC. Theoretically, absolutely anyone can become captain of a ship. If someone submits the form, the system will accept it--regardless of their qualifications or whether there is already a captain listed on the ship. It's up to the passengers of a ship to decide how they want to deal with such a captain-related crisis; the computer system just does what it's told.

The reason that a captain is required for every ship is because the fleet seems to expect there to be one. Both the automated aspects of the fleet and the outside sentient lifeforms hail the ships expecting to speak to the captain, and get very confused if there isn't one there. So, if there isn't a captain listed for a certain ship, that crew has until the next weekly Shuffle for someone to submit a captain form before someone is chosen at random. If a first mate is listed in the system, they are defaulted as the next captain unless someone else claims the title. The rules for applying as first mate are pretty much the same as if they were going for captain, and there can be multiples. Whatever their views on the rank, and however they acquired the title, anyone listed as captain or first mate in the system will be addressed as such and treated accordingly by the various elements of the Drift Fleet.


Any character with a civilian augment can change to a non-civilian augment at any time, for free! All they need to do is file for the position they'd like (see paperwork below), and the change will be processed at the time of the next Drift Fleet Shuffle.

Refer to the Upgrades page for details on how non-civilians can change their augments.


If you would like to have your character transfer ships, be called "captain", or take up a position as "first mate", please select one of the following forms and comment with it filled out below:

Additions to Ship Descriptions:

Request for Ship Transfer:

Request for Ship Title (Captain/First Mate):

Request for Augment Change (Civilians Only):

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[personal profile] apurrstate 2017-09-23 01:46 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Anders
Current Ship: Bishop
Ship they wish to transfer to: Wish to is a strong word Tourist
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Character Name: Adalwolfe Hawke
Current Ship: Red Fish
Ship they wish to transfer to: Tourist
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Character Name: Arthur Kirkland
Current Ship: Huntress
Ship they wish to transfer to: Wonderduck