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The Mod Journal ([personal profile] spaceshipit) wrote2015-10-10 06:10 pm


This is where all of the extra add-ons and very optional information is kept. It's a party in here!

  • THE ISKAULIT & ESTABLISHMENTS. Learn about the SS Iskaulit and how to set up a character-run establishment on board.

  • WAY-STATIONS. Learn about the default Way-stations that are found along the Marsiva's path.

  • NETWORK FILES. A list of all the files that have been uploaded onto the main network for public access.

  • WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR. A basic guide to world-plot discoveries and common passenger knowledge.

  • PLAYER-MADE EVENTS. A submission page for any players who wish to see plots or ideas happen in Drift Fleet.

  • SHIP FUSIONS. A submission page for any crews that are looking to fuse together ships.

  • INTERCEPTOR INBOX. A catch-all inbox for any messages sent to the Interceptor Fleet.

  • ATROMA AND YOU: A GUIDE. A collection of information obtained by players ICly in the Corbius system. (April/May 2017)

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